The phone is the gateway to most businesses. Even in this hyper-connected online world phone calls are responsible for more leads than email or forms on a website.

This means answering your phone when it rings is extremely important to the long-term health and growth of your business.

Here are the 3 types of callers you are missing out on if you struggle to get to the phone when it rings.

#1 Callers Not Leaving a Message

As high as 80% of callers today do not leave messages. When surveyed the response is because most don’t believe they’ll actually get a callback. So what do they do? They keep looking for someone to satisfy their need whether that be a chiropractor, roofing contractor or lawyer.

#2 Callers Listening to Voicemail Greeting but Hang Up

Most voicemail service will tell you what the number was that called. So if you get it soon enough you can call them back, but most callers, if they’re a new customer, will keep calling other options to find a solution. Making the need to have someone live answer every call all the more important!

KEY TAKEAWAY: Callers to your business rarely leave voicemails in this new age of instant gratification. It’s easier to call another provider than to wait and wonder “Will I Get a call back?“.

#3 Callers Who Leave a Voicemail

You might think if someone leaves a voicemail they’re waiting for your callback. That may be true if you have a monopoly for your industry in your area. Most businesses don’t have this luxury.

Callers will most often keep calling your competitors to find a second or third alternative to solve their problem, purchase the product or book the appointment. By the time you call back they’ve already engaged someone else.

Calls answered live, even if it’s just a live person to take a message create a different connection with the caller than voicemail or an auto attendant. They’re more likely to give your business a chance and have an expectation you will call them back.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Virtual Receptionists will answer every call to ensure new prospective customer speak with a live person. A different level of trust exists when someone leaves a message with a REAL person than a voicemail box.

Having someone to answer basic questions about your products and services or book appointments with callers if your business requires them will remove any chance of losing a prospective customer to an unanswered call or voice mailbox.

If you are missing a large volume of calls consider a virtual receptionist service to handle your calls full-time or part-time.