Creating a Smile Through Human Connections.

Smiledog is much more than just Virtual Receptionist Services!

We are your customer service team dedicated to helping you grow your business. A friendly welcoming voice to take care of your clients and increase your revenue generating opportunities.

Why “Smiledog”?

That may sound strange or irrelevant, but the founding principle for “Smiledog” is based on Dale Carnegie’s theory that the best way to make a good impression is to smile. The effect of a smile is powerful even when it is unseen. When talking on the telephone, if you smile then the smile comes through in your voice. Try it, it works. Whether talking directly to someone or a remote receptionist you can really feel the difference.

At Smiledog, each call is answered with a smile.  This simple action of smiling sets the tone for the call and the expected level of service for all of our clients. Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, “I like you, I’m glad that you called.”

What’s in a name?

Now you understand why we chose smile, but where did the dog come from?

We decided to use dog in our name because dogs are consistently glad to see you. Smile and dog represent friendly and consistent service: exactly what you expect from a remote receptionist!

Our Promise

We will answer the phone with a “smile” and build our company with a philosophy that puts our customer first.


“We smile when we answer the phone.”