According to Forbes, 75% of consumers say they would be more likely to visit a business in person if they have an appointment than without one. 

This means that customers today want the convenience of picking a time that works for them to visit a business. So as a business owner it is crucial you give your clients a seamless way to connect with you. The pandemic has been the biggest accelerator in shifting to this type of personalized service and companies need to adapt in 2022 to ensure survival. 

The days of clients popping in during your office hours are over.

Appointment Setting: 3 Benefits to Businesses in 2022

Customers are now much more reluctant to give away their time. They want the certainty that when visiting a business someone is already scheduled to take care of them. This is simply the reality of what today’s consumers want. Quick and efficient customer service, on their time. 

A great way to help deliver that as well as relieve the pressure on your team is for your business to have a professionally trained receptionist answer the phone. So that when clients call they get a friendly welcoming voice who can answer all their initial questions then book an appointment with a specialist on your team. 

How can a business owner implement such a thing when hiring front-line staff has never been harder?  

That is where virtual appointment setting can be a huge asset for your business. It can give you the ability to provide quick and efficient customer service and eliminate the worry of hiring and managing new staff.

Let’s get into the 3 main benefits we at Smiledog believe virtual appointment setting can have for your business.

3 reasons your business needs virtual appointment setting

  1. Deliver quick and personalized service to your customers

The demand for quick personalized service has never been higher and the ability to maintain that with reliable staff who want to work has never been more difficult. A virtual appointment setting service solves both of those problems for you and more often than not, for less cost.

When your clients call they expect a person to answer and be able to help them. If you don’t, you’re putting your company’s reputation at risk every time a call goes unanswered. 

Having a person at the other end of the call gives your customers the personalized service they want. Someone who can quickly answer their questions and book them in is essential for building a trusted reputation for your company.

Appointment Setting: 3 Benefits to Businesses in 2022

A virtual service ensures that you always have a friendly welcoming voice who can help, delivered by a professionally trained team member

  1. Improve productivity while reducing costs

Book appointments while you’re in appointments. A virtual service gives you a full team of highly trained and skilled receptionists that are available on your clients’ time.

You no longer need to worry about calls going unanswered while you’re working with another client. The stress of realizing you’re losing customers by simply taking care of another is no longer a problem. You can now dedicate your time to the client in front of you and drastically improve your productivity.

In fact, answering phone calls yourself throughout your day severely hinders your productivity. You need someone to help handle and prioritize those calls to make sure you spend more time on activities to grow your business. What better way to help spark your company’s growth by freeing up your day and reducing the cost of your front-line staff at the same time.

Appointment Setting: 3 Benefits to Businesses in 2022

With a virtual appointment setting service pay for what you use and nothing more.

Let’s break this down on how it works exactly for us at Smiledog.

Our pricing is simple: your monthly base fee plus your minute rate. Completely pay as you go.

So if you used 116 minutes over the course of a month then this would be your cost breakdown: 

  • 2.29$/minute
  • monthly fee 149$
  • (2.29 x 116) = 265.64 + 149 = 414.64$

***an average booking call takes 2 mins***

There you have it, pay for exactly what you need and nothing more! If you would like a more detailed pricing list get in touch with us here

Now that you have a better understanding of how the pricing works for a virtual service it is easy to see how cost-effective it can be to implement a high level of personalized level of service for your clients without the heavy cost and time investment of employing a new full-time team member.

  1. Increase new revenue opportunities

Because a virtual receptionist is integrated with your booking software you can see how they are performing by simply checking the number of bookings made vs the number of calls they are taking. This allows you to keep them accountable and ensure they are making an impact. 

Appointment Setting: 3 Benefits to Businesses in 2022

Speaking about impact, you now have a fully professionally trained team of virtual receptionists at your fingertips to help you with customer service and manage your schedule. That is invaluable for a business owner who is trying to grow their business. Your virtual team will help you increase new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce front-line admin costs, all in one go! You can now breathe easy knowing that your customers are cared for, the first time. 

No successful business owner has done it all alone and it has never been easier to get a great customer service experience behind your business. Your virtual team is waiting for you!

Wrapping up

Personalized virtual appointment setting is the way of the future because it allows you to deliver quick and personalized service, improve your productivity, reduce costs and achieve results to grow your business.

Outsourcing your reception and appointment setting to a virtual service expert is a much more tangible and cost-effective option for business owners in today’s market. It is quickly becoming the norm for many small businesses and it will continue to become more crucial in delivering the human voice back to our ever-increasingly digital world.

We would love to chat more about how we can help so get in touch with us today to schedule your free virtual appointment setting assessment  or learn more about our service here