Specialized Appointment Setting

Create more connections with your patients all while increasing your practices booking capacity

Smiledog is a great option for companies seeking appointment setting services, eliminating many common difficulties using the advanced features of web-based calendar systems.

Appointment setting is one of Smiledog’s specialities, having carved out a niche in recent years. Some businesses rely heavily on receptionists to set appointments, and offering this as part of a suite of services to businesses sets Smiledog apart from its competitors.

Which Businesses Are Candidates For Appointment Setting Services?

Businesses ideally suited to Smiledog’s appointment setting services include chiropractors, massage therapists, accountants, and lawyers. Any business that brings in new business via appointments will find Smiledog’s services useful and more cost-effective than traditional in-house reception. If your business has great in-house reception that is overburdened with other duties, you can retain current staffing while turning over appointment setting to virtual receptionists.

The Smiledog Difference

The secret to Smiledog’s success with virtual appointment setting is how they use web technology to their advantage. Smiledog currently uses 8 different web-based calendars (each company has their own preferences), including a preferred calendar they both support and are experts at using. These calendars all operate dynamically online, meaning that changes on Smiledog’s end are automatically reflected on the client’s side. The location of the virtual receptionist isn’t even a factor, because everything is reflected in real time.

With this instant updating, there is not danger of double-booking, either between the client’s office and Smiledog, or between virtual receptionists. In addition, the system can be connected to the client’s email, sending them confirmations instantly. Miscommunications are reduced by using email notifications, and it’s all automatic.

We customize our services to meet the needs of every client, with an eye to increasing business and increasing your bottom line. Call Smiledog today to discuss how your business can benefit from virtual receptionist services!

Our receptionists ensure that our clients get an unprecedented level of care and service.