Reliable Backup you can count on.

Don’t let calls go to voicemail when your in-house receptionist is on lunch break or away for vacation.

Smiledog is like having a full team at your fingertips only when you need them!

Your receptionist calls in sick. What do you do?


Smiledog’s back-up service is actually the same thing as as our full time reception service. The only difference is how you use the service. 

You will get a custom call forwarding number linked to your account to use whenever you like. This number is unique to your account only.

So, if have your team a handle on things then they can take the calls themselves but if at any point your in house staff need a break or time to focus on another project simply turn on your call forwarding and redirect the calls to us and we have you covered.



The best first impressions start with a smile. The same goes for your calls.