One of the more common questions potential Smiledog clients ask is how calls are transferred once they’ve routed in through Smiledog’s system. Many companies like the idea of outsourcing their reception services, but are nervous that callers will experience a drop in customer service satisfaction. Not only can Smiledog offer your callers the seamless call experience you’re seeking, they can do it all at the touch of a button.

Easy Call Answering Every Time

When a caller dials your business phone number, the call is routed into Smiledog’s system, where the caller ID automatically loads your business information on the screen of the virtual receptionist. The screen contains all of the unique information about your business, including the customized greeting and specifics about how to handle various types of calls. The screen is locked in place for the duration of the call, ensuring complete accuracy.

Simple, Courteous Call Routing

If, on a particular call, a transfer is appropriate, Smiledog first calls to make sure that person is available for a call. If the answer is yes, that call is connected the click of a button. If unavailable, the virtual receptionist knows to take a complete and accurate message for instant relay via email.

Your Clients Will Never Know

It really works as if the receptionist is in the next room! The technology is easy-to-use for our receptionists, allowing them to always feel confident answering a wide variety of calls. Smiledog strives to provide businesses with a seamless call experience every time.

Smiledog is able to assist clients in a wide variety of ways, depending on their business needs and goals. If you are considering virtual receptionist services, reach out to us by phone so we can help answer your questions and help realize your goals for your growing business!