How does a Virtual Receptionist represent my company? | Smiledog

As the premier local virtual receptionist provider, Smiledog makes it a priority to ensure each inbound call is answered accurately, to the satisfaction of each client. Smiledog uses advanced software that helps receptionists answer calls with confidence. Combining high-tech software with well-trained receptionists results in each call directed efficiently and, most importantly, correctly.

Individualized, Customized Customer Experience

Each new client to Smiledog receives their own customized number in order to get connected into the system. New businesses just opening their doors can opt to use this number for their main businesses phone, with the assurance that if they one day decide to leave Smiledog, they can take that number with them. Established businesses will, of course, want to retain their current numbers, which are simply forwarded to the unique Smiledog number.

Advanced Software Ensures Accuracy

When a caller dials your business number, it is routed into the Smiledog system, where the computer utilizes caller ID to trigger the screen for your business page. This screen contains all of the important information the receptionist needs to handle the call, including the all-important custom greeting.

Our virtual receptionists only handle one call at a time, which means that the screen is locked in place during the call. This prevents any errors from occurring and ensures that all the pertinent information needed to handle the call is right at the receptionist’s fingertips.

Smiledog Offers Flexibility

The services that Smiledog provides are extremely flexible, allowing businesses to create a completely customized experience for their callers. One of Smiledog’s primary goals is for callers to be completely unaware that they are being routed through virtual reception — the goal is for all callers to assume they are reaching the business in-house. Smiledog achieves this by taking time to about the business needs and culture before a call is ever taken.

Call Smiledog today to discuss your organization’s needs, and let us help you determine if virtual reception is the right choice for your growing business!


What Will a Virtual Receptionist Say When They Answer My Phone Calls?

Smiledog uses advanced virtual receptionist software that’s designed to assist in proper handling of each and every call. The software can identify for the receptionist which business the caller is trying to reach, ensuring that each call is handled professionally — and most importantly — correctly. The virtual receptionist is the first point of contact for the caller, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Sophisticated Software Designed To Meet Your Needs

The sophisticated software Smiledog receptionists use has detailed screens for each business, allowing for all the important information to be displayed. For example, most businesses have a preferred script for how to answer each call, such as, “Thank you for calling XYZ Company. My name is Ashley, how may I help you?” With Smiledog, this script is completely customizable, whether you’re a traditional business preferring a classic formal greeting, or a speciality business looking for a more colourful greeting.

Fully Customizable Experience

This detailed screen displays your team’s availability for the day, informing the receptionists of how calls for particular individuals should be handled. The virtual receptionist uses these notes to determine whether he should put a call through, take a message, or direct the call to another team member. Everything is fully customizable, giving you the flexibility you want in handling the variety of inbound calls to your business.

Getting To Know Our Clients

When a new client joins Smiledog, we take the time to carefully interview them, learning about their business culture and goals in order to fully understand how best to answer, field, and handle calls. It’s important to Smiledog to maintain a transparency for businesses, leaving callers none the wiser that they’ve gone through virtual reception.

The best way to find out how Smiledog can help your business take its reception to the next level is to call us to discuss your needs.