3 Phone Follies Losing Your Chiropractic Clinic New Patients (which are you guilty of?)

3 Phone Follies Losing Your Chiropractic Clinic New Patients (which are you guilty of?)

Missed calls, calls that go to voicemail and callers who put on hold are the #1 source of lost revenue for chiropractic clinics.

Most new patients begin their search for a Chiropractor with Google. This medium offers a great opportunity if you’re good with the Google to position your website in front of the prospects. 

However, it’s also easy for a new patient to just call someone else if your phone goes unanswered or they’re forced to wait on hold for too long.

This article covers the three phone issues costing Chiropractic clinics new patients every month. Which is happening in your clinic?


#1 “Can You Hold a Moment?”


PROBLEM:If you have in-house reception, you’ve heard it before. The phone’s answered, and person calling hears “thank you for calling … can you hold a moment”.A caller is put on hold most often when there’s someone in the clinic that requires service. The idea that the patient in the office takes precedence is true. However, it’s not excellent customer service to put someone on hold for a minute or two either.I think if you took a survey you’d find that more often than not people asked to hold a moment, who aren’t current customers, end up hanging up if waiting more than 30-45 seconds.


Setting up backup reception, where calls that go unanswered within the first 3-4 rings bounce to an offsite virtual receptionist automatically. The virtual receptionist can answer the call live, and no one gets put on hold. Every caller gets to speak to a live person, and your clinic doesn’t miss out on new potential patients.


#2 No Receptionist (or not full-time)


PROBLEM:If you’ve recently started or run a small practice then not having an in-house receptionist or maybe only having someone part-time is the norm. Staff costs money, and when starting out money isn’t always something we have. It becomes a chicken or the egg type discussion.Missed calls can mean lost revenue from both current and new prospective patients.


SOLUTIONConsider hiring an offsite virtual reception service either part or full-time to handle incoming patient phone calls. If you use a cloud-based calendar booking service such as Cliniko or JaneApp, a virtual receptionist can even book patient appointments for you.


#3 Flexible Hours = Voicemail


PROBLEM:Having regular business hours for a chiropractic practice can hurt new patient acquisition. Not everyone can come in 9-5 Monday to Friday. You know this, and we know this. Flexible clinic hours such as closing two mornings a week but staying open until 8 pm those same days are often the norm, but who’s picking up the phone if someone calls on those mornings no one there?New patients are often lost this way as people tend not to leave a voicemail. It’s too easy to just move on to the next Chiropractor in line on Google.


Part-time and backup offsite virtual reception can be set up to only answer calls that aren’t picked up by the 3rd ring in your office. So, outside business hours, or when your in-house receptionist is busy with another patient, callers will still get a live person to speak too.


Lots of Other Choices


The fact is most people looking for a chiropractor to visit are using the Internet, more specifically, Google. When they search for “chiropractor city name” there are at least ten choices that come up. The commitment level to have to get you on the phone isn’t that high. A simple back button click gives them another nine choices.All this choice is why it’s essential that you maximize every call. You don’t know which ones are current patients that may wait or call back and which are potential new patients looking for a provider.


SOLUTION = Offsite Virtual Reception



Offsite virtual reception services, such as Smiledog, answer incoming calls just as an in-house receptionist would. Want to see how we do it? Check out our demo video and price guide here. Depending on the appointment booking system you use in your clinic we can even book new patient assessments and current patient appointments* without you even needing to speak with your client.We work with dozens of Chiropractic and wellness clinics across Canada and the US; watch one of our testimonial videos below from Dr. Nick Stryniak.


Online Booking? No Problem!


Thanks to online apps like Cliniko, Jane App, and a few others, offering online appointment booking is a breeze. Virtual reception services, such as Smiledog, can use these online book apps to book in current and new patients right on your calendar while you’re with another patient. Want to see how we make this work for Chiropractors and wellness clinics? Check out our appointment setting demo video and price guide here.


Answering Service & Virtual Reception for Contractors

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from the use of virtual reception, but one of Smiledog’s biggest markets has to be contractors. Busy contractors aren’t hanging around the office waiting for the phone to ring — they’re on-site, often working under pressure to meet deadlines and get the job done. That’s why virtual reception is ideal for contracting businesses — it alleviates concern that something important is going to get missed.

Virtual Reception Can Change Your Contracting Business

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that virtual reception can revolutionize the way your contracting business works from day-to-day. Working on-site, contractors are often in the middle of something when they receive a business call to their cell phone. Maybe it is a business partner, maybe a current client, or maybe it’s a new client hoping to get a bid. Each of these calls is important, but all are of different levels of urgency, especially when you’re in the middle of hanging drywall, or installing electrical wiring.

Virtual reception allows you to have calls answered live by a friendly receptionist, who can send messages or transfer calls according to your needs and wishes. This makes for much more productive day for contractors, in addition to making sure any urgent needs are always addressed as soon as possible.

Affordable, Friendly Virtual Reception

Virtual reception can solve a lot of the problems contractors have balancing work and phone calls, without the considerable cost of a dedicated in-house receptionist. If you’re a one or two-person shop, hiring a receptionist is usually cost-prohibitive. However, you can enjoy all the benefits of having one while paying a fraction of the cost.

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Virtual Reception for Online and Home Based Businesses | Smiledog

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from using virtual receptionist services, and that includes home-based and online businesses. In fact, virtual reception may just be the perfect solution for online and home-based businesses that are looking to expand and grow.

Give Prospective Clients An Impression of Size

There is a lot to appearances in the business world, and appearing to be a bigger business than you currently are can actually help grow business. Clients feel a sense of comfort and assurance working with larger, established businesses, so why not gratify that by looking as big as possible? Virtual reception is an excellent way to give off this very important impression.

Smiledog virtual receptionists answer each call live with your custom greeting, and then either announce and transfer the call or take a message. Clients who always hear a live greeting when calling your business are confident that your home-based or online business cares about customer service.

Hit The Ground Running

If your business is just getting started, you may think you have to run things from your cell phone as you play multiple roles in the day-to-day operations of your company. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you sign up with Smiledog services, right off the bat you can be maximally productive, without having to leave calls to voicemail. You don’t have to worry about missing important calls when with a client because every caller gets a live answer and is handled personally by a virtual receptionist.

In addition, virtual reception is cost-effective, even for small businesses just getting started. Since you’re paying for the services you use, if you are having a low-volume month of calls, you’re not paying for phone time that you don’t use.

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Offsite Virtual Reception for Accounting Offices

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from using virtual receptionist services. Accountants are an ideal customer for today’s advanced virtual reception services. The nature of incoming calls to accountants are typically of the “greet and transfer” variety — in other words, callers usually just need to be connected to their personal accountant. When most calls are simple transfers, why not consider virtual reception to save costs and increase convenience in your office?

Let Support Staff Be Support Staff

In the average accounting office, there is usually one or several support staff who cover both administrative paper work and answering phones. With employees doing double-duty, productivity is always affected. However, it often isn’t very cost-effective to hire an in-house receptionist simply to handle incoming calls in order to maximize support staff productivity. Many businesses try to find a “happy medium.”

Virtual reception solves the problem by cost-effectively answering and transferring calls live, while leaving your support staff in place to do their important office tasks. Keeping accounting office staff lean keeps costs low, and limiting their interruptions means peak productivity from day-to-day.

Affordable, Friendly Virtual Reception

Callers to your accounting office are greeted with a personalized greeting. They may ask for a transfer or need to leave a message, which Smiledog’s friendly virtual receptionists are happy to do quickly and efficiently. Since companies pay only for the services they use, costs are low relative to the cost of employing in-house reception staff.

Accounting offices are ideal clients for Smiledog, and they have the experience and professionalism to make the transition painless for new clients. If you’re interested in learning more about how virtual reception can streamline and improve your accounting business, call our office today to learn more.

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Offsite Virtual Reception for Insurance Brokerages

Many types of businesses can benefit from the use of virtual receptionists. An insurance brokerage is one such business that could really flourish with the services of a virtual receptionist. Whether the office needs full-time phone coverage or just backup coverage, virtual reception can help increase efficiency at the office as well as ensure no call goes unanswered.

Full-Time or Part-Time Coverage?

Full-time virtual reception service is great for smaller insurance offices looking to keep expenses low without sacrificing customer service. Even if an office is looking to stay “lean and mean,” they don’t want customers to suffer by landing in voicemail when they call. Insurance is a business where clients really desire a friendly voice on the line — an answering machine doesn’t cut it! Using full-time virtual reception guarantees that each call is answered by a live person, no matter what is happening in the insurance brokerage office.

Back-up virtual reception is ideal for after-hours and weekend calls, times when in-house reception is sick or on vacation, or those unforeseen emergencies that come up from time to time. You can also use back-up reception for overload, such as when in-house reception is tied up and another call comes in.

Insurance Is A Business Where Emergencies Happen

Insurers guarantee against risk, which means some clients will experience emergencies and need to speak to their broker or agent urgently. Smiledog is the perfect service for insurance brokers because they ensure calls do not get missed. In the event of an emergency call, Smiledog can relay the urgent message to the insurance broker. This ensures that clients always feel they receive the best in customer care.

Big Savings With Virtual Reception

The salary of a full-time receptionist can be expensive, costing $30,000 a year and more for benefits. By utilizing virtual reception, you can significantly reduce these costs and scale them up as your business grows. Many companies spend only hundreds on virtual reception versus thousands on a salaried worker. For a growing business, every dollar counts.

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