In our business, our biggest competitors are auto-attendants and voicemail. The reason why businesses choose to go with these companies is pretty simple, actually, and that reason is price. When a machine answers the phone instead of a human, the price is going to be lower. When making the choice between using an auto-attendant and using virtual reception, we suggest our clients look beyond price and consider the total picture.

People Like To Speak To A “Real Person”

Have you ever been talking with a friend, and they describe to you a frustrating customer service experience when they sought information by phone? Most people have had a negative experience with being unwillingly pushed to voicemail or getting lost in a phone tree that never seems to reach a live voice. These types of experiences leave a negative impression of the company. Using an auto-attendant is a low-cost option, but it could end up costing you business.

It’s Hard To Know If You’re Losing Business When Using Auto-Answering

There’s really no way of knowing whether you’re losing business when you use auto-attendants or voicemail. If someone is calling to set up an appointment for a quote or to learn more about your services, and they reach voicemail, they may leave a message and move on. However, plenty of people simply don’t like leaving voicemails — there is always the chance they just hang up the phone and go to the next name on their list. These hang-ups represent a certain amount of lost business, which is why we ask our potential clients to consider the use of virtual reception an investment in better customer service, and hopefully, a bigger bottom line.

Live Answer = Better Customer Care

Let’s face it: people want to talk to a live person. Technology is great, but just because you can fully automate your phone answering doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice for your business. You could be losing potential customers every day when using auto-answering, and you’d never know it.

We believe that virtual reception is a superior option since we offer your callers the ability to communicate with a live person every time. When a customer picks up the phone to call, they want to reach someone on the other end of the line — otherwise, they’d email!

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