We get a lot of questions about our services.

Some from people who call in and want to know more about what we do and some from people who complete our Getting Started form and answer the question “What’s your biggest question or concern about hiring a virtual reception company”.

We find this information fascinating and want to dispel the myths and fears about hiring a virtual reception company to answer your calls, deal with your customers and help your business run smoothly.

Today we are going to address a question we get a lot:

How do we bill for services and does it make sense to use Smiledog even if my call volume is really low (e.g. 20 calls or less per month)”.

We’ll deal with this question in two parts, answering the last part first.

Is Smiledog worth it even if I have low call volume?

The answer to this is, it depends.

What does missing a call mean to your business?

Are you a wellness clinic where a new client could be worth hundreds of dollars over their life?

Are you a home services company where a missed chance to provide a quote to a homeowner could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue?

We believe no matter how many calls you get, if there are new prospective customers calling you, then you should give them a live person to speak with.

Fewer and fewer people are leaving messages when they don’t get a live person. So don’t lose that chance to build a connection with a prospective new customer on their first call by letting it go to voicemail.

So, YES it’s worth having a virtual reception service even if your call volume is low.

YES, it’s worth having a virtual reception service even if your call volume is low.

Of course, the question of cost has to come into play here.

How do we bill for our services?

You can see our pricing page here. From that you can see we have two types of services:

  1. Virtual Reception Service
  2. Virtual Appointment Scheduling Service

Virtual Reception services are 99$/month + 1.89$/minute 

Virtual Appointment Scheduling Services are 149$/month + 2.29$/minute

If you go over the minutes included with that package you are simply charged per minute based on the number of overage minutes used that month.

Want to learn more about how Smiledog’s services work? If you’re ready to get started then take a couple of minutes to complete our Getting Started form here.