Best Virtual Reception Service In Calgary


The concept of a virtual receptionist answering service is a revolutionizing one that combines the effectiveness of state of the art technology with the qualities of a live receptionist to manage calls cost efficiently for all businesses, big or small. A remote receptionist will perform the functions of the traditional receptionist, but at considerably better rates. With companies focusing their efforts on minimizing operational costs, Smiledog has a comprehensive range of Calgary answering services that will suit all needs and exceed all expectations. You no longer have to worry about missing another business opportunity because of an unanswered, important phone call. Our live receptionists will handle all calls for you, in a professional manner, this allows you to stay abreast of the competition in the highly competitive Calgary economic setting.

Calgary’s Business Industry

Situated at the crossroad of the Canadian foothills and prairies, Calgary sits on the Bow River just 50 miles east of the Canadian Rockies. Its location in the natural regions and grasslands of south Alberta makes Calgary a wonderful place to work, live and visit. In fact, Money Sense magazine ranked Calgary as the best place to live in Canada for 2013. The first city in the nation to host the Olympic Winter Games, Calgary is also the world’s top eco-friendly city.

The oil and gas industry, as well as agriculture represent the city’s driving engine. Calgary is the home of numerous leading oil and gas organizations and major financial institutions. A fertile economic setting, the city also fosters a multitude of small businesses operating across a variety of industries. The city of Calgary is committed to encouraging entrepreneurship and is a major distribution and transportation knot for the retail industry. However, the city is mostly recognized for its high GDP per capita, high personal income, and low unemployment.

Remote Receptionist Services for Small Businesses in Calgary

Smiledog, Your Receptionist specializes in providing personalized remote receptionist service packages. We have live receptionists working for countless companies in Calgary and using the most advanced telephony tools to serve the need for highly professional and cost effective answering services. We are experts at managing phone calls and appointments or scheduling calendars. We are specialists at backing up your administrative staff whenever a day off is needed due to vacation or sick leave. We fully understand your remote receptionist needs and employ highly skilled live receptionists, as well as advanced technology so that your company benefits from a positive corporate image and exceptional customer service.

With our virtual receptionist service, your customers’ needs will be attended to in a timely and effective manner. Your business deserves the highest level of customer service and Smiledog is the perfect solution for both small and large businesses alike. Choose our Calgary answering services and allow your business to grow!