Best Virtual Reception Service In Edmonton

Small businesses today are often faced with financial constraints that may cause them to give up the services of a dedicated receptionist in order to be able to cover, what is perceived to be, more important costs. However, we live in a world where customer service and availability is crucial for the success of any business. Within this context, innovative companies such as Smiledog have introduced a comprehensive virtual answering service that allows all companies to benefit from a live receptionist with minimal costs. A remote receptionist is suitable for all companies in Edmonton, Alberta, that wish to stay in touch with their existing and potential clients without increasing their operational costs.

Edmonton’s Business Industry

Known to the world as the capital of the Canadian Province of Alberta, Edmonton is a magnificent city situated on the North Saskatchewan River. The city is the second largest in Alberta and the fifth largest municipality in Canada. Edmonton’s driving force has always been the petrochemical sector, which brought the city its nickname as the Oil Capital of Canada in the 1940s. In fact, the expanded extraction and processing of Alberta’s oil, gas, and sand reserves that takes place in Edmonton is said to be the second largest in the world after Saudi Arabia.

A cultural, educational, and governmental centre, Edmonton is the northern anchor of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. Although it is best known as the staging point for large scale oil sands projects and diamond mining operations, the city is also famous as the for the many festivals that it hosts. In addition, the massive growth in technology sectors is said to have been nurtured on the city’s reputation as a premier research and education hub.

Remote Receptionist Services for Small Businesses in Edmonton

Smiledog uses state of the art telephone technology to become your virtual front desk so that your business benefits from a professional first impression. Your calls will not only be answered, but they will be answered quickly and professionally. This allows you to respond to a new enquiry in a timely manner, attract new business, say yes to a new order, and never lose business because of a busy signal again.

In addition to our remote receptionist services, Smiledog also provides Edmonton answering services for companies that have a receptionist but would like to prevent missed calls and also improve customer service. Our virtual answering service is ideal for those times when you need a back up receptionist or additional receptionist support.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to focus on a meeting, giving your partners and clients your full attention without being disturbed or worrying that your business calls might remain unanswered? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the chance to handle all enquiries in a professional manner so that you could turn them into actual business? Smiledog has the answer to all your needs regarding Edmonton answering services. We provide comprehensive and superior remote receptionist solutions for small and larger businesses in the city of Edmonton, Alberta.