Best Virtual Reception Service In Ottawa

Budget constraint is one of the major problems faced by small businesses. Office rent and employee salaries take away a major chunk of their profit; but without an office and a secretary to take care of the phone calls, they miss important phone calls and, as a result, often lose business to competitors. One way to cut operating costs down to the minimum and run a fully functional office at the same time is to use the virtual office and remote reception service offered by companies like Smiledog: “Your Receptionist, a reputed company that offers the service in Ottawa, Ontario.

Ottawa’s Business Industry

Ottawa is a thriving administrative, technological and business center. According to the census of 2011, the metropolitan city has a population of over 883,000, which makes it the fourth largest metropolitan city in the country. The city lies on the southern bank of the Ottawa River in southeastern Ontario. The metropolitan city borders Gatineau (in Quebec) and together they form a region called the National Capital Region (NCR). First settled by Irish and French immigrants in 1826, the city now has a diverse population comprising people from all over the world. The majority, however, is still formed by people of European origin.

Being the capital of Canada, the federal government is the largest employer in Ottawa. The city is also a center for high-tech industries, tourism and health services. The high-tech companies mostly specialize in software development, telecommunications and environmental technologies. Ottawa is home to the Canadian headquarters of multi-national companies like IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Adobe Systems. The city receives over seven million tourists each year, pumping over $1.3 billion into its economy. Administration, finance, business and sales and service are the top occupations in the city, which has a very high standard of living.

Remote Receptionist Services for Small Businesses in Ottawa

Smiledog offers several affordable virtual office and remote reception service packages to small businesses and even larger businesses in Ottawa. At the core of each package is a LIVE offsite receptionist to receive and answer your telephone calls. Our packages are great for small businesses that cannot afford an office of their own as all of them come at a fraction of the cost of an office with a receptionist. Smiledog also offers backup service for businesses that have an office of their own so that the remote receptionist can take over when your receptionist is on sick leave, vacation, or out for lunch.

Virtual office and remote reception service uses advanced telephony fully integrated with the latest information and communications technology (ICT) to receive phone calls, to identify which company a call is meant for, and to answer the caller according to the specifications given by you. If the caller wishes to speak directly with you, then the receptionist forwards the call to you after making an inquiry with you. All your voicemails are forwarded to you so that you can attend to them personally.

Our services are perfect for small businesses that need to book appointments, schedule meetings, handle large volumes of phone calls, or even just cover a sick day here and there. A virtual LIVE receptionist from Smiledog “Your Receptionist offers the best in customer service and helps your business project a professional corporate image so you can grow your business.

Don’t miss another opportunity to a missed phone call – try Smiledog today!