Best Virtual Reception Service In Winnipeg

Small businesses often run on budget constraints. Many can’t afford to pay for office space, let alone employ a full-time secretary to answer the phones. Without a proper office and someone to answer the phone, business owners often miss important calls. Studies have shown that 80% of would-be clients do not have the patience for businesses that fail to answer their calls immediately and waste no time in finding one that does. A virtual receptionist is the perfect solution for businesses that can’t afford to hire a full-time receptionist, but also do not want to lose business to their competitors.

Small Businesses in Winnipeg

A virtual office is especially suitable for businesses in a thriving metropolitan city like Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. Lying at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red rivers on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies, Winnipeg has a population of just over 730,000 people, which makes it the 8th largest municipality in Canada. As a culturally diverse area, English, French and Filipino are the major languages spoken in the city.

Even before the arrival of the Europeans, Winnipeg, which means ‘muddy waters’ in Cree, was already a trading center for Native Americans. First settled by French traders, the place grew into the provincial capital and the economy’s hub of Manitoba. More than half of the province’s population lives in the city. Today, the affluent city’s economy is built on finance, tourism, manufacturing, food and beverages. A large percentage of the population relies on privately owned small businesses that provide goods and services. They can greatly benefit from a virtual office with remote reception that costs just a fraction of what an in-house receptionist would cost.

Virtual Office and Live Receptionist Services in Winnipeg

Smiledog, one of the most reputed virtual office and live reception companies in Canada, offers several affordable packages in Winnipeg. These packages include a dedicated receptionist to answer your phone calls LIVE during your business hours. The company makes use of the latest information and communications technology (ICT) integrated with advanced telephony to receive, identify, answer and forward phone calls to cell phones, extensions and voice mails. Your LIVE receptionist does everything an in-house receptionist does: Your Receptionist can answer all your phones, book appointments, give out important information and take messages.

There are three categories of services provided by Smiledog in Winnipeg:

  • Virtual Office: This includes remote reception, a mailing address and office space. The virtual office will be like your real office. At just a fraction of the cost, you will get a personal receptionist to take care of all your phone calls and we can also arrange a place to meet your clients and hold business meetings. All Smiledog services can be customized to your needs and your clients.
  • Backup Reception Service: If you already have an office with a receptionist but wish to increase your customer service, then backup service provides you with a remote receptionist who will take over when your receptionist is sick, out for lunch, on maternity leave or has gone on vacation. With the backup service you will never have to worry about missing an important call.
  • Full Time Reception “Your Receptionist”: Your small business will be assigned a team of dedicated “Receptionists” who will answer all incoming calls in your company name and help you create a great impression for your clients. We can book appointments, take messages, forward calls, answer questions and more. This service is great for anyone who works has a home office, operates a small businesses or any other company who wants to offer a great customer service experience to their clients.

Contact Smiledog today to get started with remote receptionist services, and never miss an important phone call or message again!