Businesses of all kinds can benefit from using virtual receptionist services. Accountants are an ideal customer for today’s advanced virtual reception services. The nature of incoming calls to accountants are typically of the “greet and transfer” variety — in other words, callers usually just need to be connected to their personal accountant. When most calls are simple transfers, why not consider virtual reception to save costs and increase convenience in your office?

Let Support Staff Be Support Staff

In the average accounting office, there is usually one or several support staff who cover both administrative paper work and answering phones. With employees doing double-duty, productivity is always affected. However, it often isn’t very cost-effective to hire an in-house receptionist simply to handle incoming calls in order to maximize support staff productivity. Many businesses try to find a “happy medium.”

Virtual reception solves the problem by cost-effectively answering and transferring calls live, while leaving your support staff in place to do their important office tasks. Keeping accounting office staff lean keeps costs low, and limiting their interruptions means peak productivity from day-to-day.

Affordable, Friendly Virtual Reception

Callers to your accounting office are greeted with a personalized greeting. They may ask for a transfer or need to leave a message, which Smiledog’s friendly virtual receptionists are happy to do quickly and efficiently. Since companies pay only for the services they use, costs are low relative to the cost of employing in-house reception staff.

Accounting offices are ideal clients for Smiledog, and they have the experience and professionalism to make the transition painless for new clients. If you’re interested in learning more about how virtual reception can streamline and improve your accounting business, call our office today to learn more.

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