Many types of businesses can benefit from the use of virtual receptionists. An insurance brokerage is one such business that could really flourish with the services of a virtual receptionist. Whether the office needs full-time phone coverage or just backup coverage, virtual reception can help increase efficiency at the office as well as ensure no call goes unanswered.

Full-Time or Part-Time Coverage?

Full-time virtual reception service is great for smaller insurance offices looking to keep expenses low without sacrificing customer service. Even if an office is looking to stay “lean and mean,” they don’t want customers to suffer by landing in voicemail when they call. Insurance is a business where clients really desire a friendly voice on the line — an answering machine doesn’t cut it! Using full-time virtual reception guarantees that each call is answered by a live person, no matter what is happening in the insurance brokerage office.

Back-up virtual reception is ideal for after-hours and weekend calls, times when in-house reception is sick or on vacation, or those unforeseen emergencies that come up from time to time. You can also use back-up reception for overload, such as when in-house reception is tied up and another call comes in.

Insurance Is A Business Where Emergencies Happen

Insurers guarantee against risk, which means some clients will experience emergencies and need to speak to their broker or agent urgently. Smiledog is the perfect service for insurance brokers because they ensure calls do not get missed. In the event of an emergency call, Smiledog can relay the urgent message to the insurance broker. This ensures that clients always feel they receive the best in customer care.

Big Savings With Virtual Reception

The salary of a full-time receptionist can be expensive, costing $30,000 a year and more for benefits. By utilizing virtual reception, you can significantly reduce these costs and scale them up as your business grows. Many companies spend only hundreds on virtual reception versus thousands on a salaried worker. For a growing business, every dollar counts.

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