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Smiledog is much more than Remote Receptionist Services!

Smiledog provides a variety of services for businesses seeking virtual reception support. Smiledog is a premier resource offering businesses full-time virtual offsite reception, backup offsite virtual reception, and real-time appointment setting services. If you own a growing business, and you’re looking to grow further, explore what Smiledog can do to help meet your goals.

Full-Time Virtual Offsite Reception

Businesses seeking full-time virtual offsite reception get top-notch service from Smiledog’s professional staff. All inbound calls are routed to a friendly receptionist, fully trained to properly answer and handle a variety of calls. The benefit to using these services is clear — it’s all the perks of an in-house receptionist without the stress that goes along.

Smiledog’s customers don’t have to worry about vacations, sick days, or training a new-hire when their experienced receptionist moves on. When they start the business day, they know that all inbound calls will be handled expertly, and always live and in person.

Using virtual reception is a great replacement for those who’ve been running their business from their cell phone, letting calls go to voicemail when busy. Callers are less likely to leave a message on a voicemail than they are with a live answer, which is why Smiledog customers get more messages than those using voicemail services alone.

Back-Up For Existing Reception Services

Smiledog’s back-up reception services are available to clients with an existing receptionist, but need live back-up when call volume is heavy. It’s also a handy service to have in the back pocket when in-house reception is on vacation, sick, or otherwise away from the office. Setup with Smiledog is easy! All you do is forward your calls to your Smiledog number when needed, and start using your backup services right away.

Appointment Setting Services

Smiledog has many satisfied clients utilizing their appointment setting services, answering calls and booking appointments. Using virtual reception to set appointments means Smiledog clients keep their appointment book full without spending time on the phone. The increased productivity means more clients in the door.

Appointment setting is done in real time, using the web calendar of your choice. This means there is no danger of double-booking, and you can always have an accurate view of your upcoming schedule.

Using Smiledog services for your reception needs is an effective way to increase your business and decrease your stress. Whether you need full-time virtual reception, appointment setting, or just periodic backup virtual reception, Smiledog is your premier source for answering services.

Call our office today to discuss your needs and learn how Smiledog can change your business for the better!