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Smiledog Pricing

Our model is a pay for what you use model.

All of our plans are dynamic. That simply means that we track your minute usage each month and adjust your package to make sure you’re always in the best bundle. This way our service always remains as cost effective for you as possible.

Daytime Reception Bundles starting at 99$/month + 1.89$/minute

Appointment Setting Bundles starting at 149$/month + 1.89$/minute

Set-up fee of $99 for Daytime Reception Bundles & $149 setup fee for all Appointment Setting Bundles.

Our service is month to month with no commitment.

Our hours are 730am – 8pm Monday-Friday & Saturdays 9am-5pm Eastern Time.

No matter what, we will have a bundle that fits your needs. All of our plans are in 100 minute increments and all minutes used in between packages are simply pay as you go at 1.89$/minute. If you would like a more detailed pricing information get in touch with us here: Getting Started page and we’ll follow up as soon as possible.