Maximizing your Telephone Upselling Results:

1. Extend the Customer Relationship 2. Use a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) 3. Leverage On-Hold Systems 4. Offer Upselling Incentives 5. Set Realistic Expecatations

What is Upselling?

Telephone upselling is a common sales technique where the telephone representative encourages the customer they are speaking with to purchase more in order to generate more revenue. This is a very successful sales tactic to encourage upgrades, add on services or bigger ticket purchases.

When Should you Upsell?

You should upsell when there is an opportunity to offer a customer a better version of what they are interested in purchasing. Upselling becomes much less ‘pushy’ when you’re authentically offering services that will enhance their user experience.  If you are truly trying to add value to their purchase or enhance their experience, upselling can be a very organic process.

What is the difference between Upselling and Cross-selling?

While Upselling is the process of offering an upgraded product or service, cross-selling is the act of offering additional products or services that compliment the one the client is looking to purchase. Here are a few ways to maximize your telephone upselling results.

1. Extend the Customer Relationship

In many cases, customer service teams may be uncomfortable with selling. If this is the case, enrolling the team in sales training will empower them to sell products and services that truly provide measurable value. It is much easier for a customer service based team to upsell when it becomes an extension of providing excellent customer service.  The key is to look for areas where the team can improve the client’s user experience, here are a few questions that can start the conversation: “How do you feel about the amount of time it takes you to________________?” “How important is it to you to ________________?” “Do you feel confident in your current _____________ to get you to ____________?”

2. Use a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

CRM systems allow companies to store data on their customers. This typically includes demographics, sales history and correspondence logs. Using a CRM will provide your team with customer data allowing them to offer targeted upselling solutions. Offers that are specifically targeted to a customer are much more likely to be well received.  Having information on each client will allow the sales team to offer tailored solutions: “I see here that you have previous used _____________ for ___________, do you still feel confident about that product/service to acheive the results you’re looking for? “How is your ___________ working? Did you know that a newer model is now available?  It has some new capabilities that may be of interest to you as a ___________, they include _______________.” “As a leader of a small team, you may find ___________ useful as you navigate your new _________.”

3. Leverage On-Hold Systems

When customers are placed on-hold, it is prime time to help boost any sales messaging your team might be using. A captive audience is much easier to reach! Use this time to let customers know about possible upselling incentives. Using this time as an initiative will plant the sales seed and allow for the conversation to move to an upsell position much more organically.  Possible on-hold upsell scripts include: “Did you know that we offer ____________?  As a current client of ___________, you may find this new product/service especially useful with __________.” “Ask us about our new ____________, it is the newest upgrade to our __________ product/service and is perfect for busy __________.”

4. Offer Telephone Upselling Incentives

Many teams respond well to internal incentive programs. Humans are naturally attracted to rewards and competition. Offering daily, weekly and monthly quotas with prize levels attached can help your team get into the selling frame of mind. Research suggests that the incentives don’t need to be grandiose and expensive to be effective. Creating goals that are achievable is the main objective. Having goals that are harder to reach will have the opposite effect.

5. Set Realistic Expectations

Telephone upselling can be an attractive revenue generator, but know when to pull back. Excessive sales tactics can have a polarizing effect, often leading to lost sales and possibly lost clients. Is there anything else you’d like to know more about and in this article? Let us know!

Is there anything else you’d like to know more about and in this article? Let us know!