In the medical, dental or even chiropractic and wellness fields, a missed call can mean big bucks over the lifetime of a new patient. This is just one of the reasons so many medical clinics have enlisted the help of a virtual receptionist business to ensure all callers get a live person to speak with.

In this article learn why medical and wellness clinics are some of the largest users of virtual reception services, and why it’s important that new callers always get a live person to speak with when they call in.

Busy in the Office

You know the process. A patient comes into office, checks in at the front desk and sits down.

After their appointment, they go back to the front desk to pay for any services and possibly book their next appointment.

Each patient likely takes 8-12 minutes of time at the front desk with each visit. That’s 8-12 minutes that your front desk staff are unable to answer incoming phone calls.

This problem is the chronic condition that most medical and wellness clinics struggle with and why many clinics turn to virtual reception for medical clinics to bridge the gap.

In many instances clinics use a medical virtual reception service for call overlfow only. This means that if the phone isn’t answered within 2-3 rings in the office it bounces to your virtual reception service to ensure the caller gets a live person. This is an excellent way to keep costs low but ensure all callers get a live person to speak with.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=”KEY TAKEAWAY”] Using a virtual reception service for call overflow and backup only keeps your costs down but ensures every caller gets a live person to speak with. Give us a call today to discuss how overflow call service works and how you can set it up with your Telco. [/thrive_text_block]

Appointments to Book

Most calls that come into a dental, medical or chiropractic clinic are to book an appointment. Few people are calling to ask a lot of questions.

This means that if your clinic is using a web calendar then you can easily allow someone off-site, such as a virtual receptionist for medical clinics, to book appointments on your behalf.

Missed calls, means missed appointments which of course means missed revenue.

Lots of Competition

The nature of most medical, wellness and dental markets is that it’s highly competitive.

You’re quite likely not the only shop in town, unless you’re in a very small town. This means that if a caller cannot get someone from your business on the phone to book an appointment a whole list of other providers are only a Google search away.

Ensuring that every callers gets a live person to speak with, even if your front desk staff is busy with a patient in the office, is essential.

Virtual receptionist services ensure that all callers get to speak with a live person in a timely manner and can integrate with your online booking software to schedule appointments with your patients.

It’s a seamless operation that helps your clinic grow!

Want to see how we’re able to answer calls in your businesses name and book appointments for you as well? Grab our free demo video and price guide now.