Creating a Smile Through Human Connections.

Why Smiledog is Right for your Business

There are a number of reasons:

The impression given by a real person answering your calls is more professional than voicemail. It says to a caller; “Yes, we are open for business. How can we help you?” Research has indicated that as many as 80% of callers, especially prospective clients who don’t know you, do not leave voicemail and will just hang up and call a competitor until they reach a real person. For many small businesses today voicemail has become more of a liability than an asset.

Ask yourself, how do you feel when you hear this sentence?

“I’m sorry but I am not in at the moment, please leave a message after the tone.” Do you feel like giving them your business? Studies indicate that 30% of callers who leave a message on voicemail believe that their call will not be returned. Can your business run the risk of missing an important call?

Can a cell phone and voicemail do this job just as well?

Unfortunately, no. Cell phones are great when they work reliably. However, they still do not give the professional image of a Personal Assistant who answers your phone live. Proper office etiquette says that you should turn your cell phone off during a meeting (If you don’t, you should but we won’t judge you). Smiledog will allow you to concentrate on a meeting knowing your business calls are not being missed and are being answered professionally.

Almost everyone agrees a missed call is a missed opportunity.

We can improve your bottom line by preventing missed calls and increasing customer satisfaction. Remember, Smiledog is always available, we don’t get sick or arrive late, you won’t have to worry about lunch breaks or vacations and you never miss an opportunity for new business.