One of the chief primary duties of a receptionist, virtual or in-house, is to take messages from callers and getting them to you as soon as possible. Smiledog’s system is set up in a way that messages are handled quickly and efficiently, ensuring that virtual reception is every bit as effective for businesses as in-house reception.

Update Smiledog As Often — Or As Little — As You Need

Smiledog’s unique services allow businesses to call in each day to inform on-duty receptionists of your availability. You can be as detailed as you wish, from simply saying you’ll be in meetings all day to identifying the meetings and their times specifically. If you’re busy and forget to let Smiledog know your status, we attempt to announce the call on your various extensions before taking a message from the caller.

Smiledog Takes Detailed Messages

Virtual receptionists take detailed messages, which are entered into the system immediately and sent via email. Some clients like to receive their messages via text, which is another option for clients who find themselves “on the go” for much of the day. Your preferences are always our priority — we find many businesses prefer messages via email so as to provide a permanent record of call activity.

We Aim To Make Your Customers Happy

During the sign-up process for Smiledog, we try to learn about your business, its culture, and what we can do to provide a seamless experience to your callers. If there are particular questions you want asked in the course of taking message, you can specify the details you want recorded from callers. If you decide changes are needed, you can make them at any time by calling us and discussing your needs.

Smiledog’s goal as a virtual reception provider is to provide you with top-notch reception services that give callers the feeling they are reaching your office directly. Customers dealing with a friendly and efficient virtual receptionist will have a positive impression of your business’s customer service.

Call Smiledog today to discuss your business goals, and learn how we can help boost your business and increase your bottom line through the use of virtual receptionists!