5 Ways a Virtual Receptionist can Save you Money

Virtual Receptionist services allow small businesses to operate in a more productive and efficient manner. A virtual receptionist is a contracted position. They typically provide administrative support, often in the form of telephone answering services and/or appointment scheduling.


 These are the top five ways hiring a virtual receptionist can save you money

save money with a virtual receptionist

Save on overhead

The beauty of hiring a virtual receptionist is that you pay for what you use. Unlike having a full time in-house receptionist, with a virtual receptionist, you can choose the hours you need coverage. Additionally, expenses associated with a full time employee including benefits, employment insurance and more are eliminated. Answering service companies will supply the needed equipment and space for their remote reception team. This frees up those responsibilities for small businesses working with fewer resources.

virtual receptionist

A Virtual Receptionist Requires Minimal training

New employees typically require a certain about of onboarding. Onboarding can be time consuming and expensive. Most virtual receptionist companies provide comprehensive training to their teams. Meaning they are able to step into any organization and get started, right away.

Minimize Opportunity Cost

While it may not seem like a big deal to miss a call here or there, missing a call comes with a substantial cost. Studies show that 80% of customers will not leave a voicemail. 70% will move to another company before calling back. Therefore, the cost of missing just one call can cost thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a potential client. Ensuring that your calls are covered during the most prominent business hours can have a drastic effect on boosting your bottom line.

employee turnover

Decrease Turnover

One of the most time consuming activities for small business owners is recruitment. Not only does it take valuable time, it is a great source of frustration when a new hire doesn’t work out. Enlisting the service of a virtual receptionist ensures that you have a pre-vetted addition to your team. Additionally, in the event that the person doesn’t work out with your organization, you will have access to a replacement with no downtime or additional training required.


A Virtual Receptionist Increases Your Productivity

For small business owners, time is money. When your time is freed up to focus on the things that generate the most revenue, your productivity increases. For many entrepreneurs, taking calls, booking appointments and answering routine inquiries are not the best use of their time. Investing in remote reception services frees up the time to focus on client acquisition, upgrading skills, working on marketing campaigns and in many cases, acting as the main practitioner.

Thinking about enlisting virtual reception in your small business?

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